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Mid-east Sialkot presents you the Irish flute which is our best quality product. It refers to a conical bore, is a simple wooden flute of the type consisting favoured by the classed people of the early 19th century. The vast majority of Mid-east Sialkot traditional and professional Irish flute manufacturing from simple wood.

In fact, Mid-east Sialkot is a wholesale manufacturer and retailer of simple and the best Irish flute in all over the world. Mid-east musical instrument the Irish flute is normally and usually made of the timber consisting of cocus wood, rosewood and boxwood. Many of the Mid-east Sialkot Irish flutes are six to eight key as per the normal industrial standards.

Irish Flue Manufacturing

Mid-east Sialkot is using the best hardwood available such as African Blackwood’s, mopane, boxwood and rosewoods to manufacture the Irish flutes. We take pride in ourselves and take special order for Irish flutes from native Irish and European timber if available.

Mid-east Sialkot philosophy and nature is simple. To produce a simple and best style Irish flute that is of the highest standards. Mid-east Sialkot ensures to its customers that the Irish Flute can be enjoyed. By its valuable customers ranging from students, amateurs and professional musicians alike. Our best-made Irish flutes are elemental and best in their simplicity and quality.

Mid-east Sialkot main focus is on the wooden Irish flutes is using in traditional Irish music and commonly known as the Irish flutes of course.

Ordering Mid-East Sialkot Irish Flutes

The waiting period for traditional style Mid-East Sialkot Irish flutes can vary and anywhere from two to six months depending on the Mid-east Sialkot team workload,

Mid-east Sialkot advises its valuable customers to order Mid-east Sialkot Irish Flutes at least a year in advance but the team try it to be ready in less time.

For further information and to know more about how to order. Mid-east Sialkot Irish flute you can contact Mid-east Sialkot directly via e-mail and telephone.


Mid-east Sialkot also offers accessories altogether with their best and record-breaking Irish Flutes. The Mid-East Sialkot Irish flutes come altogether with a special simple. And a robust synthetic case that is also including in the price.

Manual and Guarantee

The Mid-East Sialkot Irish flute care manual. A wooden clearing rod and a tube of cork grease.

At an additional and nominal price and cost. Mid-east Sialkot also offers wooden and leather cases at a very reasonable price.

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