Mid-east Musical Instruments

Best quality musical instruments are available at Mid-east on reasonable prices and discounts. In short, Following are details of musical instruments available at discount.

Mid-east Thumb Piano, African Kalimba, Mabira Red cedar wood

PRICE: €49.99

Moreover, Kalimba is a local African instrument. overall The piano is made of red cedar wood and comes in arranged tuning.

In fact, On the back, it has two gaps that vibrate and the fingers change the sound by moving them to and from the openings.

Generally speaking, All the keys can be tuned by changing the metal piece internal or outward. The Mid-east thumb piano has a brilliant sweet solid and is an incredible instrument for instructors and understudies alike.

Heartland Mulberry Round back Thumb Piano, African Kalimba, Mbira with Rosewood Top

PRICE: €54.99

  • After all, Mid-east presents Heartland 17 steel keyed Kalimba/Thumb Piano in Mulberry with Rosewood top.
  • It is a completely playable top-notch instrument with a lovely stable. Simply tune up and go
  • Try before you purchase!!

Heartland Travel Lute 7 Course Rosewood Left Handed

PRICE: €489.99

in addition, Mid-east made the heartland travel lute with rosewood for left-handed persons. All in all, Mideast is a great choice to buy perfect musical instruments for wholesale

  • Left given lute
  • Body made of 11 Rosewood fights
  • Neck and pegbox produced using Rosewood
  • Fingerboard made of Rosewood
  • Tuning pegs are Rosewood
  • European Spruce wood soundboard with laser engraved rosette.
  • Seven nylon fusses and five Rosewood worries
  • Recommended tuning (G4, D4, A3, F3, C4, C3, G3, G2, F3, F2, D3, D2)

Heartland Baroque Ukulele, 4 String Baritone Variegated Rosewood and Lacewood

PRICE: €339.99

In summary, These Heartland Baroque ukuleles are all around made and there’s no trade-off on quality. usually, Best materials are utilized accessible in the present market at exceptionally focused costs. These Ukuleles comes in 4 sizes including Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone.

  • Baritone Ukulele (Scale Length 480mm)
  • Round back bowl produced using rosewood and lacewood fights
  • European spruce soundboard
  • Rosette from sixteenth and seventeenth-century lutes’
  • Neck produced using strong rosewood
  • Friction ukulele tuners
  • Cattle bone nut with width 37mm
  • Bridge produced using rosewood which joins with authentic bone seat
  • Standard rosewood tie catch
  • Comes with one additional string set and a nylon case