Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot Lever Harp is created keeping in mind the beginner and the professional musicians. Moreover, it is created in the headquarter Sialkot Pakistan. Furthermore, the Mid-East Sialkot Lever Harp is a wonderful and superb piece of musical instrument for the buyer.

Handcrafted Design

 In the first place, each of the Mid-East Sialkot Folk Lever Harp is a stunning handcrafted design with a hardwood frame from the finest timber. Moreover, a tonewood soundboard with the nylon strings. Furthermore, quick release levers with reliable and durable tuning and bridge pins.

All of Mid-East Sialkot Lever Harp range from 20 to 40 strings being the most usual standard. Not to mention, each lever is there to provide you with the best semitone lift for each note. Our Harp is ideal for music lovers with light string gauge and nice size.


Mid-East Sialkot approach to the Harp making is a focus for the music-loving harpist. Not to mention, our aim is to provide the best harp with affordable and competitive pricing. Moreover, the Harp is for providing you with the best instrument and you to enjoy the best traditional music.

Testing and Quality

In the first place, the Lever Harp at Mid-East Sialkot is in a wide range of test by the specialist. For the best quality of the instrument, our team works hard and always provide an improvement on the instrument.

Traditional Music

The lever harp is a traditional musical instrument and is in play with the fingers. Mid-East Sialkot Harp is the most delicate string-based musical instrument and liked by the customers for its great tune and refinement. It is available at Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instruments Manufacturing in different sizes and shapes


Furthermore, the Lever Harp is available on offer for sale on the Mid-East Sialkot store. Moreover, you have the option to buy a customized Lever Harp online. Not only but also, we provide quality manufactured Lever Harp with durability and reliability. Mid-East is a trustworthy wholesaler and retailer of folk, traditional, and modern musical instrument in Sialkot


All our musical instruments carry a 1-year warranty at the time of sale. We assure you of our best services and instruments with customer satisfaction being our topmost priority.

Why Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instrument

 When it comes to buying the best piece of musical instrument you can always trust on Mid-East Sialkot. Not to mention, is a leading wholesaler and retailer of the musical instrument we keep on improving and provide:

  • Authentic and Genuine musical instruments
  • Warranty and satisfaction
  • Customer-friendly service
  • Family-oriented business
  • Experienced craftsmanship
  • Innovation and the latest technology