The Mid-east Sialkot drum is a special creation of craftsmanship and a member of the special group of musical instruments. Mid-east Sialkot Drum consists of at least one membrane, called a drum head or a drum skin that is stretched over the shell and struck, either directly to produce a sound.

The speciality of Mid-east Sialkot is the head of the drum it is created by both animal skin and plastic as well. The highest form of polyester used in the Mid-east Sialkot drum separates it from others and give it nice quality.

The most common form of polyester used in the manufacturing of the Mid-east Sialkot drum is polyethene terephthalate. The main advantage of the Mid-east Sialkot drum is it is strong, resistant to heat, sunlight and many chemicals.

The Shell of the Mid-east Sialkot Drum is mostly made up of the wood which includes maple and popular. We also produce a shell made out of metal including steel, aluminium, brass and bronze. These materials produced at our warehouses are usually and normally strong and very hard.


The Mid-east Sialkot drum is placed in a card box contacting the pieces of expanded foam, a firm and solid light plastic that prevents the drum from moving during the shipping process.

Our Mid-East Sialkot drums are shipped to the music stores, musicians, and other consumers.