The bendir has an antique History in Arabic language .(Arabic: بندير‎, plural banadir, بنادير) is a wooden-framed frame drum of North Africa and Southwest Asia.[1]

The bendir is a traditional instrument that is playing throughout North Africa, as well as in Sufi ceremonies; it is playing, too, in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.[2] In the Turkish language, the word bendir means”a big hand frame drum”

Similar frame drums include the tar of Egypt and the bodhrán of Ireland. Unlike the bendir, the tar does not have a snare on the back of the frame, and the bodhrán is playing with a beater.

The bandir often has a snare (usually made of the gut) stretched across the head, which gives the tone a buzzing quality when the drum is struck with the fingers or palm. The drum is playing in a vertical position. One holds the drum by looping the thumb of the non-dominant hand through a hole in the frame.

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