Djembe Accessories

The djembe is a standout amongst the most adaptable and across the board percussion instruments on the planet. Its enormous fame is down to the way that it can make a curiously broad scope of pitches, in particular, the bass (low), tone (medium) and slap (high). This sound is madding to striking diverse zones of the djembe skin with the hands.
The “cup formed” body of the drum is cutting and burrow out of a single bit of tree trunk. The Mandinka individuals customarily utilized wood from Lenge trees, which held incredible profound significance for them while additionally loaning the drum its resonating acoustic. The expansive bowl-molded chamber in the upper piece of the body makes low reverberation for the bass strokes as while the restricted prolonged lower segment helps venture the volume all things considered.
The head of the drum is customarily produced using goatskin, giving the djembe puncturing sharp tone and slap sounds that are struck by the hand close to the edge of the drum. The shaved goat skin is lapping around a steel loop and put over the lip at the highest point of the drum. Another steel circle wrapped with looped rope is set over the skin-lapped band.