Frame Drums

Frame drums with their mind-blowing assortment of sounds are among the most seasoned instruments on the planet and have various appearances and social foundations on each mainland. A frame drum is a drum that has a drumhead width more prominent than its profundity. Usually the single drumhead is made of rawhide or human-made materials.

Some frame drums have mechanical tuning, and on numerous, the drumhead is extended and attached set up. It is the most punctual skin drum known to have existed. Models is founding in multiple spots and societies. The frame drum is a standout amongst the most antiquated melodic instruments and is frequently developed with a round, wooden casing. Metal rings or jingles may likewise be appended to the edge. More prominent frame drums are played chiefly by men in otherworldly services; medium-measure drums are performed for the most part by ladies.

Different types of Frame Drums:
• Adduce (Portugal)
• Bendir (North Africa, Turkey)
• Bodhrán (Ireland)
• Buben (Russia)
• Crowdy-crawn (Cornwall)
• Daf (Iran, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Middle East)
• Dairies (Greece)
• Duff, daff, daffli (India)
• Epirotiko Defi (Greece)
• Dayereh (Iran, Central Asia, Balkans)