Mid-East Sialkot is the finest producer of string instruments. When you think of the string instruments you firstly think of that it is made up of wood. Mid-East Sialkot is manufacturing the string instruments from the finest woods available in the market.
The string instruments are the largest family in the musical orchestra. At Mid-East Sialkot the string instruments come in different sizes such as the ViolinViola, cello and the double bass.
The violin and viola at Mid-East are finely crafted by the expert musical technicians to produce higher pitch sounds and satisfy the customer needs. On the Other side, our cello and double bass are similarly finely shaped with the best wood and curvy bodies and the wooden necks.
The strings on the Mid-East instruments are stretched over the body and back to attach a small decorative part to finally craft and tune the musical instrument.
The Mid-East Sialkot Lever Harp is the most liked and sold product. It is very differently crafted from other stringed instruments. The Mid-East Sialkot finest Harp is tall about 6 feet shaped mostly like the number 7 and has 47 strings of carrying lengths which are finely and customize tune as per the customer requirements.
Attached to the Mid-East Sialkot Lever Harp bottom side are finely crafted foot pedals which can easily change and move and offer a great pitch and quality of sound.
For Further queries and inquiries related to the string based instruments at Mid-East kindly e-mail us and one of our expert advisor will get back to you at the earliest to answer your queries and will be happy to serve