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The 16/15 Hammered Dulcimer has a beautiful, rich, full sound and has been used throughout the world for many centuries, originating in the Middle East. The name originates from the Latin word dulcis and the Greek word melos, which translates to “Sweet Tune.”

This particular hammered dulcimer is a 16/15, which means there are 16 courses of strings crossing the treble bridge on the left, and 15 courses of strings crossing the bass bridge on the right.

Item overall: 37.5″ L x 4″ H x 18.25″

The soundboard crafted from light colored hardwood. Species may vary from an image and includes two Rosewood rosettes over the sound holes. The rosettes feature an intricate vine and leaf pattern.

Nut: There are 2 Rosewood nuts. They are each 14.5.”

Tuning Pegs/ Levers: Includes 62 metal tuning pegs threaded into a body.

End Pegs: There are 62 metal end pegs located opposite the tuning pegs.

Bridge: The Rosewood bridges have color-coded saddles on top that help make instrument easier to play. For the recommended tuning, the distance from the left nut to the 1st bridge at the top should be 5.4″ (138 mm) and the distance from the left nut to the 1st bridge at the bottom should be 11.2″ (285 mm). Please see the owner’s guide for visual.

Tuning: The recommended tuning is the Traditional Fifth Interval. Please see the owner’s guide for tuning chart.

Moreover, A tuning tool and extra string set are included. Gig bag sold separately.

We can manufacture these Hammered Dulcimer  in other various woods which customer chooses. Please contact and check with us for the woods available.


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