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Voboam Guitar, 5 Course Rosewood

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A 5-course guitar the instruments made by Mid-East Guitars. In fact, Obama represented the height of French instrument building in the 17th century. Usually, Our major influence was a marvelous 1641 model, located in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England. In addition, the word ‘course’, when used in the guitarist sense, refers to more than one string.

In addition, a common, modern example is the mandolin and bouzouki, both with double strings. On the Baroque guitar, two strings in a course are to tune in unison or in octaves. Moreover, when we use octaves for the lower strings one of the strings is usually tuned an octave higher than the standard string, producing a bright and lively sound. To satisfy players of conventional classical and acoustic guitars, we agreed to produce a 6-stringed model.

This version of Obama has become a successful fusion of styles with great appeal for those who enjoy playing an instrument with a rich history. The 5-course version is to play more modern pieces. Is that it is similar to a 6-stringed version without the lowest course.

Generally speaking, overall For reliability and security of intonation. In fact, also both the 5-course and 6-string guitars are fitting with eight, fixed, solid nickel silver frets. For the more traditional players, these instruments are available with tied nylon frets which are adjustable to the player’s preference. Modifications made to the original design including the reduction of inlaid decoration. which contributed little to the guitar’s sound or functionality. Close attention to the basic construction and materials to bring about a faithful representation of this beautiful guitar.

We can manufacture these Lute guitar in other various woods which customer chooses. Please contact and check with us for the woods available


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