Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instrument manufacturing is one of the leading whole seller and retailer of the finest musical instruments. The simple and mystical sound of the Mid-East manufactured  Brass Doumbek can add a special taste to your musical feelings.

In the first place, Mid-East Sialkot Brass handcrafted Doumbeks present its cultural activities. Moreover, It is easy to play a Mid-East Doumbek. Most famous for classic and notable style the instrument is in love all over the world.

Perfect Choice

Furthermore, whether you select a synthetic or an animal skin, Not to mention, Mid-East Doumbek will have an authentic deep finish, style and tone perfectly crafted by the Mid-East music technicians.

Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot Doumbek is perfectly the first choice and an electric way to bring a new sound into your collection of musical instruments. All things considered, with the unique sound and style the best material is to create the Doumbek. Moreover, we can say it stands out as a masterpiece for us.

Quality and Best Pricing

The Mid-East brass Doumbek is large with 12 by 20 inches. Moreover, we always use the finest material to craft our best musical instruments. Mid-East Sialkot works hard to improve the quality of the instruments on offer. In fact, the best musical instruments are presented to you at the best and competitive pricing.

Booklet and Warranty

In addition, all our musical instruments carry a 1-year warranty and a booklet is provided upon the purchase. Moreover, we also provide you with the after-sales service option to follow up with you how the instrument is working on.

Experienced Craft

Furthermore, the Mid-East Doumbek has a completely hand hammered shell for the most exciting and appealing look. It also includes a tuning key with the brass Doumbek. The musical instruments at Mid-East are created by experienced musical technicians and we always thrive on the possibility of crafting and creating the best musical instrument.


For more information on our vast range of musical instruments please visit our website https://mid-east.com.pk/. Get in touch with us with your queries and we feel happy for any assistance in regard to the musical instruments.

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