Mid East Musical Instruments Manufacturing Sialkot Dulcimer Hammer a melodious musical instrument. Moreover, our perfect combination of the finest strings enables to achieve a high quality of sound. In the first place, Mid-East Sialkot is providing the highest quality of Dulcimer Hammer in Rosewood. Furthermore, our finest pair of heart-shaped wooden finest dulcimer hammer is made from high quality of wood.

In the first place, Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot is a leader in wholesale and retail of the highest quality of musical instruments in Sialkot. Moreover, the musical instruments manufactured at Mid-East Sialkot are of the highest quality maintaining the class standard of the instrument.


  • The Mid-East Sialkot beautiful hammered dulcimer instruments come with:
  • Lightweight handcrafted design with a heart shape.
  • Easy playability
  • Soft Leather padding
  • Beautiful Rosewood finish
  • Great control for playing and perfect weight

Not to mention, Mid-East Sialkot heart cut shape dulcimer enables the user to create a wonderful style of playing indoor and outdoor. Moreover, all our instrument is a craft experience and we always prioritize customer satisfaction.

Natural Wood

Furthermore, all of the Mid-East Sialkot beautiful dulcimer hammer made from the top quality of the finest rosewood. Furthermore, our instrument proves to be the best quality producing a majestic sound. Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot rosewood dulcimer is the perfect choice for you to enjoy a wonderful sound. Moreover, with soft padding on the other side, the dulcimer works and feels great. Furthermore, Mid-East dulcimers are custom made and are suitable both the beginners and the professional players.

 Affordable Dulcimer Hammers

All things considered, Mid-East Sialkot offers the best musical instruments are a very affordable and reasonable price. With the perfect and highest quality and a 1-year warranty, the dulcimer is the best choice for music lovers. Operating from our store in Berlin. We can get the Dulcimer Hammer delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Visit our website or you are welcome at the store in Berlin to check and try our best and finest musical instruments.

Customer Support and Feedback

Mid-East Musical Instrument Manufacturing Sialkot offers friendly customer support. Our executives are available to assist and support you in the musical instrument selection and after-sales service. We always value our customer’s feedback and improve the quality of our service. Do write to us with your comments and feedback to help us improve the quality of the musical instrument and service.


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