Mid-East Musical Instruments  Manufacturing Sialkot is offering Mandolin lute family of musical instrument. In the first place, It is a unique instrument with a different and beautiful sound.

Mid-East Mandolin

Not to mention, the Mid-East Sialkot Mandolin has four courses of doubled metal strings tuned finely. Furthermore,  Mid-East in Sialkot offers the best and highest quality of pro versions of the Mandolin at very affordable prices.

Not only but also, our Mandolin is the best choice with a traditional look. It is manufactured using high quality of woods and durable and reliable strings, Furthermore, the top tuning keys of Mid-East mandolin are easily adjustable for operation and its functionality.

Pleasing Colors

Moreover, our Mandolin comes in pleasing wood colors and high crafted artistic design. Not to mention, it is a special piece of folk, classical and instrumental music for the lovers of music. Furthermore, it gives you rhythmic tunes that will fill your ears with sound music and enjoy the best sound.

Competitive Pricing

Not to mention, with the best competitive pricing on the Irish handmade Mandolin, from Mid East you get the best value for money. Moreover, it is specially handcrafted at our store in Sialkot. People prefer to use the Mid-East Mandolin all over. It looks familiar to the guitar but the sound and melody for our customers is great.

Best Quality

Mid-East Sialkot is offering the best Mandolin without compromising on the quality. Moreover, we are one of the leading company and wholesale retailer of the best musical instruments. Music lovers always want the best handcrafted musical instruments with the highest quality.

We understand the value for folk and traditional musical instruments by our customers and always provide them with the best piece of instrument.


In the first place, It is a high recommendation to visit the Mid-East Sialkot store. Moreover,  where you will be able to get the highest quality and variety of musical instruments. Furthermore, our Mandolin is on offer for sale these days for our valuable and special clients. Visit our website to look on for any updates, changes and new arrivals of the best piece of musical instrument.


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