A Lot of music lovers want to learn different sort of musical instruments. Some instruments are easy some are difficult. Today in our article we shall focus on some of the difficult musical instruments to learn for the beginners. So here we start:


The bagpipe was created and originated around 1000 BC according to research by Oxford history of music. Moreover, it is a wind instrument. Furthermore, it creates some of the nice music beats. It consists of a bag, air supply, a drone, and a chanter. Not to mention it is played putting constant pressure and consisting of nine notes. Most of the common bagpipe include the Romanian simple, Asturiab Gaita and moving on.


In the first place, the drum belongs to a percussion group of musical instruments. Furthermore, one of the oldest musical instruments in the world and commonly used in religious ceremonies. Moreover, It has a drum head and played with a drum stick and hands. It is played both by single and multiple drummers. There is two types of drummers mainly rock and low pitched.


In the first place, the Harp gained popularity in Europe, Africa and Asia and very popular among the community. It belongs to a chordophone and string category of musical instruments. It has multiple strings, neck and a resonator. Furthermore, the strings are finely made with wire, silk and nylon. Usually, the harp is difficult to play because of its difficult finger and hand location system. Not only but also, it is a daunting task to use the technique of using pedals. Moreover, coordinating between the hands and the feet require to practice a lot very well.


The piano is a loved instrument by many and very familiar among music lovers. Not to mention, It is a string instrument and invented a long time ago. Furthermore, there are two types of the piano an upright one and a grand piano. Not to mention, it is playable using a keyboard and moreover used in the classical style and jazz music. Furthermore, learning the piano can be an upright challenge. In addition, you are moreover required to move the hands and feet independently along with the sight-reading at the same time.

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