Mid-East Sialkot using its best resources and efforts presents you with the Lyre Harp. The Lyre harp combines two types of string-based musical instrument. Featuring the best in quality and sound Mid-East Sialkot is proud to offer traditional and folk musical instruments.

Shape of Irish Lyre Harp

In the first place, a board like a shape that is more of a Lyre and the finest customized strings attached like a harp makes it a perfect Lyre harp. Mid-East Sialkot deals in the best sort of musical instruments that gives satisfaction to its customers. Not to mention, the Lyre harp is a fine piece of the musical instrument on sale at Mid-East Sialkot store. Moreover, and it has the best music to offer to the beginners and professionals.

Highest Quality of Wood

The Lyre Harp from Mid-East is made from the highest and finest quality of natural wood without compromising on the quality and features of the instrument. It consists of 10 strings rosewood engraved special one to enjoy the artistic and beautiful design of the traditional Irish engravings.

Professional Lyre harp is also available at Mid-East customized as per the customer requirement. With a majestic look and more strings to play Irish Lyre Harp provides you with a great piece of musical instrument with the best output.

Pricing and Warranty

If you are looking for a truly elegant piece of the musical instrument like the Lyre harp. You have reached the right spot. Manufactured carefully and handpicked the Mid-East Lyre Harp is available at competitive pricing. All our Lyre harp carry a 1-year warranty and we offer an after-sales service as well.

Mid-East Sialkot is one of the best and largest wholesale retailers of traditional and folk musical instruments in Sialkot. With experience and the best staff, we work hard and make possible for the music lovers dream to come true.

We are offering the best Lyre harp and it will give you immense pleasure of both the Lyre and the Harp at the same time.


For more information on the Lyre Harp feel free to contact us directly via e-mail, a telephone call. Our customer support representative is happy to assist and guide you to pick and choose the best quality of Lyre Harp.



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