Mid-East Sialkot is offering you the best and unique quality of the Boru Harp. Finely crafted and balanced by the Mid-East Sialkot musical engineers. Moreover, a large bottom crafted stand with a round shape of the arm. In fact, the angle of the thicker back arm is a masterpiece for the harp lovers.

Different Types of Wood

In the first place, the Boru Harp frame from Mid-East is available in different types of woods depending on the likeness of the customers from Walnut to rosewood.

Moreover,  the masterstroke 36 string Walnut Boru Harp is available to enjoy a higher number of strings and the best elegant music. Furthermore, the well crafted artistic design Boru harp from Mid-East will keep grounded firmly without any additional support.

Rosewood Boru Harp

Not to mention, the best 29 Strings Rosewood Heartland Boru Harp are the best options available and perfectly balanced for the professional harpists. In addition, The top Boru harp from Mid-East Sialkot offers you the best traditional quality with more pleasure.


Not only but also, if you are one of those seeking an alternative to the strings. You can most likely alternatively choose the basic 19 Strings, Boru Harp. Moreover, you can make yourself comfortable with the 22 Strings Boru Harp as well to enjoy the best sound of music in your ears.


In the first place, with each Boru Harp from Mid-East Sialkot, you get accessories such as a carry bag with the finest quality for extra care. Moreover, Your strings and frames are well protected by our finely crafted accessories made especially for the harps.

Wholesale Retailer of Musical Instruments

Not only but also, Mid-East Sialkot is a leading company in the wholesale retail of musical instruments around the world. Not to mention, all of the musical instruments manufactured and crafted at Mid-East Sialkot go through proper supervision and check of the musical engineers.

Moreover, we work closely with our musical technicians and enthusiasts to provide the best quality of musical instruments. Furthermore, for more information feel free to contact us for your queries at info@mid-east.com.pk