The most famous type of drum is the Unique two-sided Tabor Drum. Mid-East Sialkot as one of the leaders and the wholesale retailer has the best Tabor Drum for you.

Moreover, with two goat skins and a very light frame, the Tabor drum is a first piece of the drum from Mid-East Sialkot. In addition, the outstanding quality of the Tabor drum from us has a tied hemp snare and a classically crafted piece of hemp rope holding the heads in the wooden frame. Furthermore, the frame is  4.5”  and it offers an extra level of adjustable bass.

Finest Goat Skin

Mid-East Sialkot has a different diameter of Tabor Drum to offer. Moreover, we make it from the finest goatskin and our music instrument making an expert craft and process it properly. Not to mention, our instrument is durable, reliable and it uses the best processing technique to produce the finest piece of the Tabor Drum.

Best Sound and Quality

In the first place, the frame of the Tabor drum is light and with the finest and outstanding quality of the goatskin on both side enables to produce the best sound in the drum. Not only but also, our drum comes in with a lot of unique features and on offer at the very best affordable and competitive pricing.


  • Lightweight with enhanced portability
  • Handcrafted pair of quality sticks
  • Durable and reliable for longevity
  • Can be played in a different kind of music

All things considered if you want the finest Tabor Drum with all the above best features. Mid-East Sialkot Musical Instrument Manufacturing is the best choice. We offer our instruments both in the store and online. Furthermore, the instruments come with a 1-year warranty and offer the best quality at the est level.

Pricing Information

For more information on the Tabor drum and other best musical instrument on wholesale offer, you can directly write to us via email.  Our customer support is friendly and offers a valuable piece of advice on your very first purchase.